New items

I'm proud to say that I have added some new items to my Etsy page.... The most adorable booties! There is a photographer named Jessie that came into my life about 2 months ago (click her link to check her out if you are in the MN area. Awesome work!) and sends me ideas of things that she would like to use as props for her photography. I love it because they are usually things that I wouldn't really think of on my own and they turn out so beautifully! I will leave you with a few pictures and good luck on the contest!


  1. I'm a follower! :)

  2. Hi, I'm a new follower! Found you on Busy Moms of Etsy. I love your creations!!!

    Positively Whimsy

  3. Hi found you threw busymomsteam on etsy
    Love your new items!

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  5. My number one item that I would LOVE to win is your Hot pink/Lime Green crochet hat/cap/beanie with ear flaps child/adult/infant/baby....

    wow, LOVE it! :) you have talent girl!

  6. Very cute booties! I'm following you from Busy Moms Team on Etsy.

  7. Cute shoes with little flowers!