New job(s) and spring

I'm up to 19 followers? When did that happen? I never really ever use my blog, I should probably get back into the habit of this. So I have some really good news. I am finally done with school and my internship at the hospital. It really felt like it took forever but I am so happy to be done. For the month of March I interviewed everywhere and things were looking hopeless. Everyone was looking for people who had experience and since I am brand new to the medical field that just wasn't me. At the end of March I interviewed at a place for a part time position. I ended up getting the position. The manager told me if I was a good worker she would try to get me hours but couldn't promise full time hours. So last Monday was my first day and I really loved it. The clinic is really nice and the people are incredible. They are so helpful and really will do anything for anyone so it was nice adjustment. I"m not going to lie it was a huge adjustment to go back to full time but it definitely got me off my lazy butt. So after my first week on friday I got a phone call from another clinic offering me a full time job. I was really torn on what to do. I knew I could keep both jobs since the part time job really was only suppose to be every other saturday so I'd only work it 2 days a month but at the same time I felt almost like a traitor for thinking about the new job. I came home and talked to ricky about it and we came to the decision that I would take the new job and keep both. After talking to my boss she was totally understanding but mentions multiple times a day that I'm only on loan until a full time spot comes about. It feels so good to know that I have a job and that things are going to be ok. It really proves to me that everything happens for a reason and god always looks out for you in one way or another. I was really worried about not being able to find a job after school and feeling like a failure but that is now one thing I don't have to worry about :) Now I will be busy then ever but all for a good cause. Hopefully everything works out for the best and I can't wait to see what comes my way now.