Early morning

Today was the first morning since day light savings time that my child has woke up earlier then 8am and its killing me! I know most children wake up at 7am or earlier but I am truly blessed, Cody on average sleeps in until 8:30-9am. I should re-think having another child someday because I know the next one is going to be a little terror because I had it so easy the first time :)

Life has been very busy these last couple weeks. It seems like i always have something going on! I really love having the free schedule though, so much less stress and I'm getting so much more done now :) One thing I'm finally getting used to is that no matter how much I clean my house will always be messy, not dirty, but messy. Even if I walked behind cody with a trash can and vaccum cleaner he would still leave my house messy.

Recently Circuit City went out of business and I snatched up an awesome Nikon s52C digital camera. I needed a little portable camera that took really good pictures so I didn't have to worry about ruining my SLR. I am becoming more and more amazed with the awesome pictures it is taking. I will leave you guys with a photo of Cody at the zoo. I hope the weather is great where you are.

Enjoying my time off...

So it has been 3 weeks now that i have been done working and I must say its very odd. I thought I would totally love having the free time, but honestly I don't feel like I have free time. In the 3 weeks that I have been off I have had 2 honest "ME" days where I just enjoyed my day. The rest of my days have been consumed with errands, cleaning the house and spending time with Cody and my mom. I can't really complain though because I really love that I get to enjoy my life. I miss all the wonderfull ladies I worked with though :(

Ok on to something a little bit more fun.... I created two really cute cards tonight. I used the new stampendous rubber cling stamps for the sentiment and The older laundry line by My Minds Eye. They turned out super cute. I didn't embelish them too much because I wanted a crisp clean look.

Now I'm off to bed good night everyone!

Easter and Tigger

As you can tell I have been very busy crafting.... Did I mention that I love Easter? In the past we haven't really celebrated holidays to their full potential but now that Cody is here it seems like my family has a reason to celebrate the holidays and I love it.
I decided to use my favorite Tigger diecut on the pooh cricut cartridge to create a Hershey nuggets pouch and a cirle tin. I used fun spring/Easter colors and some glitter paper for the eggs.
Besides crafting I have been cleaning my house like crazy! Ricky and I have decided to move into a place that is much less expensive now that I am not working full time so that means we will be showing the townhome. The only thing I don't like about that is that I have to clean!!! I am now completely aware of how messy my family is, not to mention there is not enough space for all the stuff we have! I really don't know what we are going to do when we have to down size. Oh well I am so much happier now that I am job free and getting things in my life done that I needed to. Plus when we move the community we are moving to has a pool so I plan on being super tan this summer/ or should I say looking like a lobster???
Well kids I really need to finish up burning cody's pictures to cd's and get a quick work out in. I really should have worked out earlier but this is my punishment for being bad today. Could there be a worse punishment besides cleaning???

Sympathy card

So tonight I decided to make a quick card, and after throwing some ideas together I came up with this cute sympathy card. Don't worry I don't have anyone to send it to just yet but it doesn't hurt to have one on hand just in case something happens right? I used paper from papertrey ink and some stamps from the hot spot bin at Archiver's, I think they were the Archiver's brand made by imaginese. I know its pretty simple but I wasn't up for anything too complicated tonight, I just felt the need to be crafty.

Friday was my last day at work. It was very bittersweet. I honestly thought I would cry after I turned in my keys that I have held onto for 4 years, but it was more of a relief then anything. I finally made peace with everything and the day just drug on. I got to say goodbye to a lot of people though, so that made me feel good. There's a going away party for me and one of the other co-workers that left, and I can't wait to spend some time with all the ladies. The only bad thing about not having a job is that you become completely aware of everything you need to do (cleaning the house, errands, laundry, ect...), so tomorrow will be a busy day for me. I better get going, but you will see some more work in the next few days now that I will have the time!!!

Blog candy

Hey guys I thought I would leave a link to the blog candy I happened by today. Head over and check it out :) http://jennifer-phoenixcrafts.blogspot.com/ Her blogs have a bunch of awesome cards I am really impressed!!!

End of a good time

I just learned yesterday that I am losing my job. They are re-vamping the company I work for so they cut all the fulltime positions except for the store manager and assistant. I pretty much knew this was going to happen since the retail industry has suffered so much; however, it happened so fast! I was given four days to determine my fate, and a week before I am done. I am really bummed out because I absolutely loved my job but I don't suppose I should give too much thought to a company that would just cut someone so fast without regaurd to their family and giving them time to figure things out.

So now I am going to find myself with a little time on my hands and I think I am going to make the best use out of it. I have a little over a month left until my vacation to Turks and Caicos so I am going to focus on exercising and eating better so that I might lose a little weight before trip and figure out a whole purpose for my extended vacation from work.

I am also going to work on the rest of my scrapbooking stuff so you will see a lot more of my work on here :) Maybe I'll even look at doing some designer work now that I have the time.

I am now going to head out and enjoy the rest of my day until I have to go to work for one of my last shifts. Enjoy your day, and for you Minnesotians enjoy the snow on this first day of spring!

Another pumpkin patch layout

Please forgive me for the bad photography skills on taking a picture of the layout photos, I was just too lazy to goof around with the lighting so I could turn off the flash. Anyways, I started this layout late last night and had a hard time stopping so I could get some sleep. Its a fairly simple layout but it looks really great! For this layout I used: Bazzill paper, Basic Grey fall line, Quickutz moxie alphabet.
In these photos we were at the pumpkin patch and Kali kept trying to get me to take a family picture. I still felt pretty out of shape after having cody and didn't want to be in any photos so Kali decided to be my "stand in" . Looking back on it all I find this quite funny but I did wish I would have just stepped in myself and had taken a family photo, but oh well.....
Well I am off to try and read a few chapters and maybe catch a nap before I have to go get Cody from school. I finally had a day off during the week and got everything done (errands, not house tasks) early this morning so I think I have earned the right to be lazy for just a few hours. Then I think I am going to take cody for a bike ride and try and enjoy this fantastic weather.

Daddy and me

Please excuse me for all the posts today. As you read on further you will see why I had so many. I think I finally got the hang on how to do the photos so hopefully things will be a little different next time.

This layout is my favorite layout of Cody and Ricky together. First off I just love the photos of them walking down the trail, its so fitting for father and son. Plus I got to write alot of journaling, and I am a big journaling fan (even though I'm not a big fan of my own handwriting).
In this layout I used: Bazzill Papers, Basic Grey fall line, May arts ribbon and the cricut for the lettering.

Thanks for taking the time to read and go through my blog, I hope it gives you some ideas! Until later, see you!

My little pumpkin

This layout is also part of our first pumpkin patch adventure. It show cases daddy and sun. For this layout I used: Bazzill Papers, Basic Grey fall papers, Cricut for the fence and the pumpkins.

Pumpkin page

This layout is from our first pumpkin patch trip. We took cody pass the petting zoo thinking he would really like it but he hated every second of it. You can see him crying on his auntie's shoulder by the tree. He did however really like looking for the pumpkins. The tree on this project took me forever, but turned out nicely. I used my cricut and I believe the stree was off the paper dolls cart. I had to cut it out of brown and green and cut out the leaves by hand and ink the edges, but it turned out really nice so I think it was worth it.
For this layout I used: Chipboard hotspot letters from Archiver's, Basic grey fall paper, Bazzill Paper, and the cricut paper dolls cartridge.

Crawl Page

This layout turned out pretty amazing. I had these chipboard letters that I baught pretty cheap and needed to do something with them. I decided to pull out my glue pad and give it a shot. Here's what I did:
First put glue on the glue pad. Second put the letters face down in the glue (the side you see needs to go in the glue), then sprinkled glitter on them.
They turned out absolutely perfect!
On this layout I used: Bazzill Paper (another favorite can't you tell?), used Close to my heart flower stamp, Hot spot chipboard letters from Archiver's, bazzill paper flowers, and bo bunny paper.

Stuck in a box

These pictures are of Cody from when he was 9 or 10 months old. His favorite thing was to jump in boxes that were on the floor and play in them. Oh... how I miss the simple days :)
On this layout I used: Bazzill paper, Bo Bunny gears line, buttons, and American Craft foam letters.

Cody and Bear Layout

These pictures were from an afternoon photo shoot I took with Cody after I baught him this cute little bear. He wouldn't put it down and kept giving it kisses so the momennt was perfect for getting pictures.
For this layout I used: The new penny lane papers, Bazzill and Bazzill Bling, Cricut for lettering, Papertrey Ink ribbon (my favorite!!!) and hero arts stamp sets for the tree and journaling.

Lots of posts today...

Please bare with me, I haven't gotten the hang of posting pictures on here so I am just going to post a few posts to get them all on. The pictures are from my re-treat a couple weekends ago, so finally you get to see a little bit of my updated work. I should be taking a nap because cody is all screwd up with day lights savings time but I found myself thinking I should get a little work done first then maybe catch a little bit of a nap.

The first project I did was a card set for my friend Julie. As we are getting older its so hard to figure out what to get your friends for their birthday. Since she's a teacher I figured she could use a few cards for thanks yous.
On the card I used: Bazzill cardstock in various colors, Cuttle bug embossing die for the pink part, spell binders dies (circles and circle scallops) and hero arts stamps.

A few cards and a layout

I have had a pretty crazy week! This is the first time in a very long time at work that I have had to work long hours, so its taking some getting use to. I also have quite a bit in my department to do for once so its a nice change. One thing that is not nice is the weather!!! I just got a new bike this weekend and was hoping to do some bike riding with cody :( But that doesn't look like its going to happen for awhile.
I promised some photos of some work I've done. The first ones are of cards that I did as thank you's for Cody's second birthday. They are pretty simple basic cards but they are so cute! I used bazzil sunshine paper and a thank you hero arts stamp set. The back ground paper is an older basic grey set that I had laying around.
The other photos I put up are the photos of a pumpkin carving we did when cody was 9 months old. Its not very Halloween looking but I couldn't help adding all the flowers and using this paper. It turned out super cute, I just wished I had maybe used different photos, but oh well.

Pictures finally....

So I've been spending the last three hours since Cody has been asleep trying to organize my scrap room. How do you fit all the stuff you have into one room? Its a hard task but i'm on a mission. You may possibly be able to see pictures if I ever get it done.

So the main reason I am on tonight at midnight is to post some pictures that I promised over a week ago. I'm not a natural at taking photos so try not to be too critical here :) Also they are cards that I have done a bit ago, I promise when I am able to get in and scrap I will get some updated new cards!
I also put a picture of Cody up so you can see how he is trying to help mommy scrap... and if you look closely you can see our cat Patches... They never let me get anything done!


I just wanted to let you know that I will make good on my promise here eventually for adding photos. I have been very busy at work that all I have time to do is homework on my down time. Eventually I will get to it I promise.

In other news..... It is Ricky and my 5 year anniversary!!! I can't believe it has been that long! Where does the time go? When you have a child, it seems to go at rapid speed. Before I know it, we'll have been together 50 years! I wasn't anticipating anything, other then a movie and cuddle time but he bought me a new pink cell phone and roses. I was very surprised, I didn't think he knew what roses were! Not to mention pink its my favorite color so this will go down as one of my favorite all time presents, right next to the pink coach purse he bought me last year. Ok.... so maybe he does spoil me a little bit :)

Well I better get going, I have to head off to work early! I promise to get some pictures up here at some point, possibly later this week.

Finally starting to blog!!!

Apparently, blogging is the way of scrapbookers..... I may be a little late but I am finally here! I figure I have a bit of knowledge that really should be shared with the world and there are way too many women out there I can't wait to meet! Not to mention I have quite a few scrapbook pages and cards that are waiting to be photographed and shown to the world. Bare with me this is a work in progress :)