A few cards and a layout

I have had a pretty crazy week! This is the first time in a very long time at work that I have had to work long hours, so its taking some getting use to. I also have quite a bit in my department to do for once so its a nice change. One thing that is not nice is the weather!!! I just got a new bike this weekend and was hoping to do some bike riding with cody :( But that doesn't look like its going to happen for awhile.
I promised some photos of some work I've done. The first ones are of cards that I did as thank you's for Cody's second birthday. They are pretty simple basic cards but they are so cute! I used bazzil sunshine paper and a thank you hero arts stamp set. The back ground paper is an older basic grey set that I had laying around.
The other photos I put up are the photos of a pumpkin carving we did when cody was 9 months old. Its not very Halloween looking but I couldn't help adding all the flowers and using this paper. It turned out super cute, I just wished I had maybe used different photos, but oh well.